Custom Order Emailing Format

For ordering any custom shirt, please use the following format:


The format has three blocks-

  1. General Information
  2. Customization Information, and
  3. Measurement Information

Please fill them carefully. For any confusion which may be leading to indecision, please fill 'NA' in that part. A representative from our company will call you manually to understand that requirement. 


1. General Information:

  1. First Name:
  2. Last Name:
  3. Address:
  4. City:
  5. State:
  6. Pin Code:
  7. Mobile Number:


2. Customization Information:

  1. Shirt Link:
  2. Height: 

3. Measurement Information:

Measurement in centimeters
 Length of the Shirt (Shoulder to Waist)
Sleeve Length
Back Length


 Notes (Specify if any):

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